We need your help. Our KICKSTARTER goes live this weekend!! 

Face The King fans,

First and foremost we want to wish everyone a great Holiday. It's been an incredibly productive year for Face The King, yet things are just beginning - and we have a whole lot to look forward to in 2015. We have a big announcement to make this coming February that will create huge opportunities for us, but before any of it can happen we need help from YOU, the fans - who have been nothing but gracious and supportive up to this point. We realize it is all of you who helped to get us this far, and without your continued support it's impossible for us to keep doing what we love most. Everything is riding on our next release, which will be our very first full length album. It is so close to being finished, yet we can't do it without that little extra push from you. 

We need to raise $4,000 dollars via Kickstarter in order to truly give the fans what they deserve - a great record. For your consideration, there are a ton of rewards for fans to receive for helping us: ranging from signed custom merchandise, all the way to winning a free guitar, or Face The King performing in YOUR home town. The campaign will be launched this coming weekend on December 27th, 2014. Once the campaign is up and running, we will be sending an e-mail to our subscribers as well as posting on all social media! Any donation is more than appreciated (big or small), and will be helping not only to keep our dream alive - but to take it to new heights.

Thank you as always for being such an amazing support system for us, and for being the incredible people that you are. We are so lucky. Wishing all of you a kickass New Year.

Dan, Eric, Joey, & The Randylion

Face The King rocks TIMES SQUARE, New York on October 12th w/Jane's Addiction, Billy Idol, We Are Scientists & more! 

BIG NEWS!! We have been holding this in for a while now, and it brings us great pleasure to tell you: that we have been chosen for the main stage at the CBGB Festival this year in TIMES SQUARE, New York City on Sunday, October 12th!! We will be direct support alongside our friends in Midnight Mob to Jane's Addiction, Billy Idol, We Are Scientists, and more.

This is without a doubt the largest show we have played to date, with an estimated 150,000 people to be spectating throughout the day. No matter how you divide that number, that is a ton of people!! We are so incredibly excited to share this news with YOU, the fans - who once again made something extraordinary like this possible. To have our fans, friends, and family there to watch us perform on the same stage as the Today Show would mean the world to us. 

Face The King will be rocking you all at 11:30 am. We'll see your beautiful faces from the stage.

Face The King in the Recording Studio 

Starting tomorrow, Face The King will be recording their upcoming EP at Audio Pilot Studios with producer Rob Freeman. It will be the most material we have recorded at one time and we couldn't be more excited. We feel this new material will be our proudest work yet and you - the fans, deserve nothing less. None of this would have been possible without you guys and now it's time to give back. Stay posted for video and picture updates in the studio via facebook, twitter, and instagram! Love you all.

The summer is ending, but Face The King is just beginning! 

The summer is ending but Face The King is just beginning. For the next several weeks we will be taking some time off to finish recording new material and to begin booking our big FALL TOUR. In the mean time, don't worry about missing Face The King live - Eric will still be playing solo acoustic FTK shows up and down the East Coast - we are looking to book shows for October and early November. For inquiries please contact facethekingmusic@gmail.com! Be on the lookout.

FACE THE KING on WARPED TOUR 2014! 7/12 - 7/19 

Starting on July 12th, 2014 Face The King is honored to be a part of the 20th Anniversary of Vans Warped Tour. We have been able to watch this band flourish over the past 5 years and it was no one else but YOU - the fans, who got us here. We've done much to prepare for a grueling but fun tour with the help of your amazing contributions. We will be performing at the Ernie Ball stage for seven epic dates in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio (2 dates), Michigan, and Ilinois. To be playing in front of thousands of new and beautiful faces every day in each state as an official Warped Tour band will be one of the most rewarding experiences that have so far come our way. Although it will not be an easy feat to perform, network, sell merch and promote 24 hours a day in the blistering heat - some of our fans have been gracious enough to either donate to our fund or lend us a place to stay on tour. We can't thank you enough for this. \m/

If you would still like to help, it's not too late. You can help us stay alive and well on the road by purchasing a limited edition "The Sea," poster at www.facethekingband.com

On the right hand side is our tour schedule! We'll be updating like crazy via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you from the stage.

New single - "The Sea," NOW AVAILABLE via official website! 

Dear Face The King fans,

The wait is over. Face The King's new single, "The Sea," is now available for download on our official website and Bandcamp for a $1.00 minimum, as well as giving YOU the chance to help us continue by donating beyond - whatever you think we deserve in order to help us continue as a band. This is our proudest release to date and it wouldn't have been possible without all of your support. However - being in a band is not always what most people think. We're doing this all on our own right now, working ourselves to the bone in a brutal industry to be paid little to nothing. We hope to use the proceedings for our next record, new merch and for when we hit the road this summer for Warped Tour and additional dates - but none of that can happen without your help. So we sincerely thank you all in advance for helping to keep our lifelong dream alive. Just follow the link below and please tell us what you think on facebook!! Enjoy.


The SOUND EP Now Available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify and more! 

Our newest release, "The SOUND EP," in anticipation for our full album is NOW AVAILABLE for download on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Bandcamp, Amazon mp3 and other platforms. We have been working hard in the studio and on the stage. This is not all the songs we have recorded. This is a glimpse at what we have been doing. This is a stolen look through the keyhole. This is the inhale before the noise. These four songs are called the SOUND EP. There is You, Me & the SOUND, All The Pretty Things Between, The Stage, and The Science Apart. 

Download link via iTunes: 


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